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OSPAN is an independent scientific project aiming at federating an international community around observations gathering towards a statistical study of the UFO phenomenon.

The project consists in 2 different sectors:
*** The OSPAN application, is going to allow every person having observed a strange or unknown aerodynamic phenomena, depositing its testimony in a simple and very detailed way. It appears under the shape of an essentially graphic questionnaire allowing the observer to describe its situation, environment, characteristics and the behavior of the phenomenon.
Its unique interface so allows to seize ( v ):
- environment
- situation
- moment of the day
- weather report
- position during the observation
- direction of the phenomenon
- elevation
- position of the phenomenon
- Obtain StreetView photo from observation, if available.
- Create simulation from:
* environment picture
* GoogleCar capture
* Picture or drawing from the mobile device
These pictures can be darkened to correspond to the ambient brightness.
A model of phenomenon among a set of 20, to be colorized, positioned and resized.
- typology of phenomenon
- estimated size
- estimated height
- movement and speed at the beginning and at the end of the observation
- sound indicator
- date, hour and duration of the observation
- A narrative of the facts, number of witnesses and sociological order questions.

All coordinates among which confidentiality and right of withdrawal are approved by the CNIL ( NATIONAL COMMISSION FOR INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY AND CIVIL LIBERTIES).
Observer will have the possibility of validating, updating or rectifying his testimony - sent to a dedicated and secure database.
The application also allows to show some testimonies informations from database, sorted out by type and date. Each of these observations shows type of phenomenon, coordinates, height, date and duration.
*** Secondly, data passed on server will allow statistical studies:
- extract from it structural plans, under boards and graphs. A user interface, still in development, will provide the opportunity to produce this information by custom criteria .
- operate on the data treatment using an expert system, supported by international experts.

OSPAN project " Science " . A community project !
By examining trends in science the more avant-garde , we found it appropriate to establish a connection between what he should now be called " science " and OSPAN project :
1) promoting an " open science " characterized by free access for all users to all scientific peer refereed publications ( according to the principle of free access).
2) the establishment of an " e-science " consists of online sharing of research data .
3 ) the establishment of a citizen "collaborative science ", that includes non- professional researchers in research projects
4) the emergence , finally, of a "science " which includes social networks and blogs that express more researchers , including present and to debate their assumptions and methods.
The witnessing of a UFO sighting from the downloaded application on a mobile phone or tablet , has de facto a key role in this "collaborative science ". This indicator is now part of the "OSPAN community", which encompasses all witnesses and project stakeholders.

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