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Espagnol - Amérique latine
1 personne a trouvé cette évaluation utile
Posté le : 3 février
Une histoire et une atmosphère prenantes sabotées par des combats mous et répétitifs et des donjons particulièrement usants pour les nerfs.
Finn doit être le "héros" le plus mièvre que je n'ai jamais vu, il s'excuse constamment d'exister et ne rate jamais une occasion de pleurnicher niaisement.
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Posté le : 14 décembre
I'm torn. I wish there was a middle ground for recommendation, but putting everything together I come down on the unfavorable side. At the beginning the game is true to its spirit of being a RPG of old, but it quickly fades. The combat system is understandable, but not intuiitve as there are multiple weaknesses and many times there is no character that can take overwhelming advantage. And on that subject you get 6 characters, but there are 7 elements present in the game. THEN the character that pulls double duty is also your healer. So you have a healer who is also expected to attack when either the weakness is earth or wind, meanwhile you have character who are inactive off the screen doing nothing because their strengths do not stack against the enemy you're facing.

The leveing of the game is 'OK', but exp is determined by your level, so if you're fan of overleveling (like me) you will be disappointed. After running back through zones and over leveling you then get into fights with bosses where you receive incredibly lackluster EXP afterward.

Further, some characters are in a revolving door where they leave the party and rejoin later making gameplay and taking advantage of enemy weaknesses infuriating. You're provided no way to defend against status effects (note, you can CLEAR them just nothing like ribbon to prevent them) so anytime the game wants to slow you down they just put in a boss and basically have it Bad Breath you causing at least one character to use an item to clear conditions.

The story traps in 10+ minutes of dialog, and other times in 1+ hour of minigames with no warning. At points if feels like the scene from the One Punch Man anime where Genos is talking to Saitama and Saitama yells at him to tell him in 10 words or less, that is the feeling you will get with this game. BUT THEN the ending gives very little dialog and does not fully explain the actions of one character and the main villain making it SUPER disappointing. Overall it feels like they ran out of money and just slapped some semi-coherent text in at the end.

One thing the game will warn you of however is when 'some side quests will not be available after this point', BUT they don't tell you which ones. And some side quests are available chapters before it's possible to complete, while others are incredibly difficult to complete, but then become unavailable after that. Good Luck guessing which one one is which.

I've ranted enough so I'll just end in saying: I like many older RPGs like Final Fantasy, Legends of the Dragoon, Vandal Hearts (Dear God, someone remake this!), and Legends of Legaia; however this game in no way compares to any of them.
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The game is great until you reach the mountain pass area. This area is one of if not the worst and most poorly designed areas i have ever come across in my entire time gaming. You will be stuck in this area for hours due to falling down the hills (falling down a hill means you have to start again from scratch) and being forced to fight the same battles over and over and over and over and over and over again because it's all narrow paths packed with mobs camping them. This one area completely ruins the game and will have you wanting to put your fist through your monitor.
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31 personnes ont trouvé cette évaluation amusante
Posté le : 24 janvier
Ok, so after 3 hours of play, here's my take on this game

I think the combat mechanics are broken and don't work. As a neo-JRPG, combat is kind of core. If you don't like the combat, you won't like the game.


In this game, the graphics are superb. I'm a sucker for cellshading and this game just renders the character's faces so beautifully. From the Character portraits in the menu to the painting-like overworld map, it is a sight to behold.

Music: 6/10

It's not bad, but it doesn't stand out that much. I did feel as inspired as with the visuals.

STORY: 4/10

Note: Devs have reworked on the story and characters since I wrote this review. Kept in spolers for archives.

So here's where it starts to smell. WARNING, SPOILERS AHEAD!! I will summarize the first 3 hours of game to give you an idea of how random and unengaging the story is. I've changed some names to make it a bit interesting, but doesn't change the story.

So you are are Finn (no funny name here, it's his real name), the classic-amnesiac slave-gladiator protagonist. most likely the 3rd prince of the Atlean Kingdom/empire. Your brothers tried to have you killed. You lost your memory in the process. I like at how they hint at you probably being quite an evil bastard yourself, back in the days. You are pushed in a gladiatorial tutori AHEM arena. You get in a "fake" fight when you actually cannot really win, it's just 2 rounds and a cutscene of you about to get killed when your inner self/demon/power awakes and defeats your opponent.

The you are introduced to ObiwanGeddobi, an old man/mage that rescues you, teaches you some more tutorials, asks you to help him find his dying daughter, and then dies (offscreen) while protecting you from baddies that look like ISIS members on crack. (second impossible fight, with 1 normal attack, one guy does 10x your max hp in damage) After his death, you fail to protect his corpse from carrion-eaters-harpy-thingies and he gets taken away onto the sunset.

Now arrives mandatory YANDERE girl. After playing this dress is while and gold, no it is black and blue, for about 3 minutes, she agrees to help you find ObiwanGeddobi's daughter, but only if you help her find a big flying monster who's shadow you saw earlier. You prepare for a fight, but you end up digging up a lost ruin. "wadzifyak". After telling her that you've done your part and that time is of the essence because the girl is dying, you both enter the ruin. Inside you find Old Jesus that tells her that she is a Fatebound (roll credits) and that all the problems in the world right now are nothing compared to the invasion of the [enter random demon race here, I will call them fuzzy rabbits] that is to come. If the fuzzy rabbits are allowed into the world, they will destroy it. So he gives her (not you, because it's her responsability) the Main Fetch Quest to find the 4 ultimate weapons, the only weapons capable of defeating the fuzzy rabbits. Now that she has the quest is activated, she keeps her end of the bargain and leads you to 3rd party member. And right when you find her, YANDERE girl leaves.

So now you have found ObiwanGeddobi's daughter, Yuna, a healer/mage. She is dying but you give her the [enter random panacea herb here, I'll call it False Hope]. it's not enough to cure her but it will delay her death. She asks you to show you where her dad died. Upon arriving, you find the 3 ISIS crackers still there laughing it off. You fight. It's funny how now they seem to do some reasonable levels of damage. Of course, this time, you win, but for some reason, they still want some more, they insult you and Yuna. (in the story, some characters say that there is something weird making everyone corrupt and evil, for me, I just think it makes them stupid). So Yuna get angry and in a fit of rage, she disentegrate them. like, very easily. (she is definitely much stronger than her father). Now that the baddies are dead and she found her father's medallion, she dances him a soul-send-off, just like he name predicted.
And that's the end of my first play session.

COMBAT: 4/10

Enemies are shown on the map. They look like evil floating eyeballs covered in darkness. If they see you, they'll give chase. Run up for a face-to-face and you'll enter combat. Touch their butt and you'll ambush them, free turn for you. Let them touch your butt and they'll ambush you, free turn for them. Standard stuff. Don't ever let them touch your but, you'll die.

So the combat plays just like a regular JRPG, except that each turn you give your commands to all party members, and then all characters and monster run up to their target and hit them, seemingly at the same time, but not really. There seems to be an initiative tracker to define turn order, but the way the animations are played makes it just seem random. With a lot of enemies, it looks like an orgy in the middle of the screen with damage counters poping up from time to time. With some other enemies, like the huge SandSquid-horses thingies, you can clearly see them rearing up to attack, and then waiting until you character's finished their attack pattern to sit on you with all their might

you have goodish front-back row mechanic, melee chars need to be in front or they can't attack, and they can't attack back-row if there is a char in front. Same applies for enemies. So I guess that easier fights will feature melee creatures in the back that can't attack you at first, it limits how much damage you can take at the same time. Idealy, place archers and casters in the back row. Since all 3 of the first companions you find are mages and archers, your MC will always be in front defending, and the other in the back, casting. Don't even try to cast if you're in the first row, be cause you'll get interrupted and loose your turn.

Some times, you'll encounter 2 caster enemies that on the first turn of combat will both cast a spell that hits everyone and does half you MC's hp in damage. 2 of this means one turn kill on your MC. Don't let the enemies touch your butt.

When you attack or defend, you get a quick time event. You get a ring with zones on it, then a clock hand races around the ring and you need to time a button press to get it right. Get it super right and you win a critical hit. I hate this system with all of my being. It's annoying, it's repetitive, it's random (both the target location, AND the button to press). Basically, it just gimps combat, and make it not fun. After looking at the option menu, I've discovered that you can remove the random of the quicktime event, but it gives you less XP. So you are telling me that it's basically hard mode? And it's on by default? I've also read some people say that it's comparable to Legend of Dragon. I'm sorry to say but it is not. in Legend of Dragoon, the quick time happens right after you select the attack option of one character (not after everyone's) and it's never random. In it's place, you get a rythm that you learn by doing over and over again, and you learn to never miss it. And over the course of the game, your character learns more powerful but complex attacks. And you become more powerful by learning the rythm of the attack. Here, it's one random button press that has no rythm and that may not appear when you expect it to because some enemy attacks might wreck the combat flow. I'll actually go and say that the whole quicktime event in Legrand Legacy breaks the flow of combat.

You have some spells that you can cast, but good luck, because spells are executed last and if you get hit first, there are some good chances you'll get interrupted, like against a boss who will target the caster systematically instead of hitting the now useless front-row defender that has no bonus against the boss but the caster does.

Oh, and don't even think of starting a boss fight without your limit break ready, you'll die.

I've got some more to say, I ran out of space
Un développeur a répondu à cette évaluation
6 personnes ont trouvé cette évaluation utile
Posté le : 14 juillet
Close but no cigar, a little to janky.

+Art (mainly the 2D)

-Writing (just horrible)
-Tactics (combat seems fine early game, but quickly just becomes a numbers game with no skills needed)
-Balancing (either you are 1 shotting stuff or it's 1 shotting you, also farming ways are WAY uneven and finaly to much combat)
-Janky & lack of polish (couple of freezes, out of frame backgrounds, missing features, backtracking)
7 personnes ont trouvé cette évaluation utile
1 personne a trouvé cette évaluation amusante
Posté le : 30 septembre
Buggy, frequently crashing mess.

Seems like there is an acceptable indie game hidden under all of these coding issues, but I never got to see it myself. All I saw was a broken mess, and the minutes of actual gameplay I saw before the glitches forced me to give up, did not impress me anyway. If the game was fully functional, I would probably (who knows, since I didn't play it) give it something like 6/10 based on my first impressions.

2/10, good luck trying to find some amusement out of this one.
7 personnes ont trouvé cette évaluation utile
Posté le : 18 juillet
Rather unpolished (graphic glitches, text occasionally not scrollable/readable)

* decent storyline (the best about the game imo - you have to piece it together throu the jumpy/weird storytelling)
* "kinda" unique artwork (I liked the artstyle but the graphic-quality is like from the late 90´s)
* mediocre combat (I could live with it but it´s basically the "push the button at the right timing" routine)

But what finally destroyed the game for me were the utterly shallow & uninspired char dialogues which used the same "forgiveness-themed" routine on every Mainchar in your party, which went down somewhat like this:

Dude/Gal hides (dark) secret
Group finds out & points fingers
Dude/Gal apologizes
Group accepts/doesn´t give a ♥♥♥♥ and moves on

And we´re talking about 6 Main Chars here
Every - Single - One

A shame because the Dev´s seem rather nice & helpful
19 personnes ont trouvé cette évaluation utile
11 personnes ont trouvé cette évaluation amusante
Posté le : 28 janvier
The game starts out fantastic, but dwindles out the further you get. If you are a tween, and or can stomach bad writting give it a go. This game is great in the gameplay department, but I want characters I can relate to and or cheer onto victory. I found them all really annoying and or ♥♥♥♥♥♥ peoplei don't care if their world is destroyed. Honestly its probably for the best that it is, everyone seems to be really awful. I would never travel with these people.

Decent game if you can stomach the dialog between characters. I like the game all the way up until the city with the festival, and thats when I was sick of reading the dialog. The way the characters talk to each other and the interactions shown in these long blocks of bickering had to have been written by a 12 year old or someone without a lot of social interactions. What stood out was clear consent violations being shrugged off a joking. If you can read minds or w/e you should probably ask before outing people who are clearly uncomfortable with you doing that.

Hire better writers for your next game, and ill check it out. It pains me to give this a thumbs down, as it starts out great!
Un développeur a répondu à cette évaluation
2 personnes ont trouvé cette évaluation utile
Posté le : 16 octobre
A flawed but somewhat enjoyable game.

- Likeable characters
- Good animations
- Solid Sound and Music
- Somewhat interesting story

- Game balance is not particularly good, even early game some bosses can 1 shot some of your characters, forcing you to rely on your strongest Limit break esque attacks to survive
- Timing mechanic gets stale after a while
- Upgrading equipment is a chore since it's parts dropped from specific enemies, should have also had an option to pay money to fast track or buy parts

Feel free to take a look at this game on sale, otherwise i'd steer clear.
6 personnes ont trouvé cette évaluation utile
Posté le : 10 septembre
I cant recommend until the controller issue is fixed.
In the middle of fights my controller will just acting completely wonky, buttons stop doing what they're suppose to and thats really unfortunate because the game starts off saying "play with a controller"
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