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With the version of MikTeX, which did not include Asymptote, it was possible to compile all .asy extension files without any problem on the command line. When they were ready, they could then be included in a TEX file to obtain a pdf.


Since the version of MikTeX which includes Asymptote, I can no longer compile .asy extension files using the three module directly via the command line. The code below that produces a cube in 3D manipulable with the mouse. It gives the following error when compiled in command line:

C:\Program Files\MiKTeX /asymptote/bringdadabeer.com: runtime: to support onscreen rendering, please install glut library, run ./configure, and recompile

But the same code included in a .tex file does not pose any problem after a triple compilation PDFLaTeX -> Asymptote -> PDFLaTeX as it should be done with Asymptote.


It is very convenient to be able to compile Asymptote files on the command line before including them in a TeX file because the compilation is really much faster.

So, how to install the glut library on windows?

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