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Human lie detection and body language 101 pdf

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Presented By:

Sumeet Singh
Roll No. 89
Sec B
Body language is the unspoken or
non-verbal mode of
communication that we do in
every single aspect of our
interaction with another person. It
is like a mirror that tells us what
the other person thinks and feels
in response to our words or
actions. Body language involves
Eye contact
Head, Body Shape and
A popular saying goes like
this. ”The face is the index of
the heart”. Whatever we feel
deep within ourselves is at
once reflected in the face. It
plays an important role in
face-to-face communication,
we convey a lot without
Every body knows that eye
contact is of paramount
importance in all face-to-
face communication. When
we look at somebody face
we primarily focus on his
eyes and try to understand
The physical movement of arms, legs,
hands, torso and head are known
gestures. They play a very important
role in conveying meaning without
using words.
In any face-to-face
communication or meeting or
interview the way we hold our
head, body shape and posture
is very important.
Appearance, for our
purpose, includes clothing,
hair, jewellery, cosmetics
etc. All these may seem
unrelated to body
language. But on having a
closer look we find that
they are very meaningfully

1. Confidence
1. Brisk, erect walk
2. Boredom
2. Sitting with legs
crossed, foot kicking
slightly 3. Defensiveness
3. Arms crossed on chest 4. Anger, frustration,
4. Hands clasped behind apprehension
5. Tapping or drumming
fingers 5. Impatience
Mind the Body-Talk
Be Careful with the handshake
Establish good eye contact
We must be ourselves
Graceful movement
Easily visible aspect of
Adds intensity to the process of
Improves the overall atmosphere
and looks of organization.
Non-verbal communication
People from different
background and cultures
No use, If listener is inattentive.
Ineffective in large gathering.

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